IT Services

IT Services

Outsourced IT services can dramatically reduce the cost of having an in-house IT team as you just pay for what you use when you need it. Being a professional outsourced IT service provider, Inovedia can provide you 24 hour support; in which our outsourced IT services team can manage your help desk, your network, disaster recovery and cyber security. We can provide remote support to both your end customers as well as act as an internal remote help desk for your employees. IT outsourcing enables you to handpick your team without having to get involved with recruitment or employee training.

How it works

Once we understand your needs we will put together a plan with service level agreements that detail the response times we guarantee our IT services will adhere to. We will send you CV's so you can choose the members of your outsourced IT team so you can be sure that you have the skills set that your business needs. This collaborative approach to outsourcing is what makes us the best IT service provider.


Technical Support

Whether you need internal help desk support or technical support for your customers, our outsourced technical support services can offer you a team of experts that are available 24 hours a day.

Cloud Migration

If you are moving from cloud provider to another, with our cloud migration services we can manage the process to ensure privacy, data integrity, business continuity, and security.

Network Management

Being a network management service provider, we have experienced network management teams that can manage your networks; fixing database failures, network security and improving network performance for any sized business. Effective network management is important for small and medium-sized companies and even more crucial for larger businesses.

Data Backup & Recovery

Losing your data can be an expensive business mistake. We can ensure all of your businesses data is securely backed up so that your business continues despite any hardware or security failure.

Server Management

Your servers store your most valuable business data and need to be up and running at all times to ensure the smooth running of your business so you can provide your customers with the best business experience. Our experience and expertise to provide server management solutions will make sure your servers and all the data on them remain up and running round the clock by optimizing them using the latest technologies and through conducting regular audits.

Security Management

A proper anti-spam and anti-virus protection plan is critical for safeguarding your business and your employee’s data. Being a professional IT service provider, our IT outsourcing service will help you determine an effective virus protection program that includes scanning emails and data before it reaches any of your systems.

Proactive Remote Support

Today, businesses need to be operational 24/7 to serve customers and stakeholders. Problems in your IT infrastructure can arise at any time without prior notice or warning which can lead to a hindrance in your business operations causing dissatisfaction among customers or stakeholders. With our remote IT Support, you can always have a team of individuals ready to sort out any issues with your IT infrastructure to ensure constant and smooth running of your business.

On-site IT Support

Large and medium-sized businesses are better suited to have on-site IT Support to resolve any occurring issues with their IT infrastructure and devices. We can help you find and recruit the right-sized and competitively priced IT resources to help you support your IT Operations in-house without any trouble.

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