Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing

With greater scrutiny and increased compliance to state laws, having a legal team to handle law-related processes is becoming essential for companies with every passing day. It can be almost impossible for large and medium-sized companies to work without a legal team to back their operations. But due to the high demand, legal firms and individual consultants can charge enormous fees that may be heavy on your budgets.

Inovedia provides you with a team of experienced law professionals for comprehensive litigation consulting and legal process outsourcing that is affordable and does not compromise on quality one bit. Whether it is your routine legal work or solving a complex legal challenge, we have the right law professionals to handle it for you and provide you with the best advice, consultancy and legal solutions.

How it works

How do you pick from the many legal outsourcing firms out locally and internationally that provide LPO services? Our LPO solutions at Inovedia are tailored to each client's individual requirements. We'll collaborate with you to find areas where LPO services could assist your law firm or organization — and we'll engage with you to stay within your budget. We are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations and meeting their needs. With each engagement, our legal professionals and support staff try to provide superior, personalized services. We succeed when you succeed.


Law Office Management

By outsourcing your law office management, you let our team handle your daily tasks including filing, opening, closing, storing and retrieving client files and data and preparing and drafting documents, mails and enclosures.

Para Legal Services

With our paralegal services, we give you a virtual team of paralegal experts that focus on providing you with the best possible paralegal services according to your diverse and preferences and ensuring the best service in an affordable budget.

Legal Drafting & Analysis

When you outsource your legal drafting and analysis to us, our team of qualified legal drafters provides you with the best and complete legal drafting and analysis services no matter what law domain you are from.

Litigation Support Service

Outsourcing your litigation support to us will get you some of the top lawyers and document specialists that will help lawyers and law firms develop pre-trial case themes, legal arguments, responsive pleadings and answers and much more to ensure greater success rates on your trials.

Legal Document Review & Management

With our legal document review and management services, we provide a complete solution for producing, maintaining and retrieving important information regarding your legal cases, with ease.


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