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Cloud migration provides a variety of benefits over traditional IT management systems, however many companies enjoy the benefits of coupling both traditional and cloud infrastructures as part of their IT services. Our fully managed cloud migration services outsourcing enables your business to take advantage of numerous benefits, for example, outsourced cloud migration gives your IT operations greater flexibility for a growing business, where scaling up IT services such as bandwidth, server space and processing speed can be done quickly so you can promptly respond to your growing business needs without interruption. Outsourcing your cloud migration to a remote working service provider like Inovedia also provides you with business disaster recovery benefits through distributed cloud-based backup and recovery solutions. Further, a cloud-centric IT system enables distributed teams to collaborate on the same document and make updates even when away from the office. By allowing our outsourcing experts to move your essential IT services to the cloud, your business score processes will immediately see the benefit.

How it works

Once we understand your needs we will put together a plan with service level agreements that detail the response times we guarantee our IT services will adhere to. We will send you CV's so you can choose the members of your outsourced IT team so you can be sure that you have the right skill set to deliver professional cloud migration services that your business needs.

Cloud Migration

Services Includes

Document Control

A cloud based document management system allows your employees and freelance contractors to collaborate on documents. A cloud-centric approach to document management makes it easier to keep track of documents that have been updated, provides a single location for all your employees to easily access and eliminating the problem of multiple conflicting documents causing confusion to name but a few of the advantages.

Remote Working

By outsourcing your cloud migration processes to a remote working service provider like us you can increase productivity and flexibility with our managed cloud migration and support services. Our outsourced cloud migration experts can provide your employees with the benefit of being able to work and access important documents from anywhere. For example, an employee delivering a presentation at a different location from your office who has forgotten a key document can simply access it from the cloud removing the worry of always needing to create another copy.


Increase your IT system's security by using our outsourced and fully managed cloud migration services that will create a safer infrastructure for your business’ core services. The accessibility of data stored in the cloud means you can reduce the impact of the data on lost or damaged laptops given to workers. Cloud-based backups mean you can always access your data and you can even remotely wipe the data from laptops which are lost. In addition, distributed backups in the cloud mean your internal systems are safeguarded from fire, theft and flooding.

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