Enterprise Solution Architect

Enterprise Solution Architect

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The main goal of Enterprise architecture is to align, services, people and technology with an organization’s long term and short-term business objectives.  Through this a digital channel is established that creates an environment that brings your customers, workers, partners and suppliers closer together. It also helps in the reduction of complexity and redundancy and business hazards and risks associated with IT investments. Thus, providing a foundation & design for an effective IT strategy that delivers business benefit in a cost-effective way.

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We will be responsible for performing tests and analysis on business structure and procedures and will advise to make the necessary changes from the information collected. This will help to achieve the goals of the enterprise more efficiently. The scope of Enterprise architecture encompasses: the workers, business processes, information and technology of the enterprise, and their affairs with one another and to the external environment. Enterprise architecture uses architecture principles and practices to guide organizations along with the alignment of these decisions: business, process, information and technology

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