Application Security Solution Architect

Application Security Solution Architect

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Businesses nowadays rely heavily on email and mission-critical web applications to get their work done; these complex systems also represent a significant part of an organization’s attack surface. Security for a business application is essential for a business to run smoothly and prosper. An Application Security Architect utilizes a combination of process analysis, technical process analysis and technical expertise to develop enterprise architectural security deliverables to analyze the dynamic between the various IT components and business processes. He also defines tactics that provide significant value to the business and applies appropriate security strategies across sensitive areas.

How it works

We will be working closely with your key decision makers and stake holders and technologists to understand the business model and then make conscious decisions to not just improve the security of their business but also provide solutions for different obstacles. He would also be responsible for developing advanced enterprise security ideas aligned with key industry standards that can guide your security measures into the future.

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