Engineering Support Services

Engineering Support Services Services

We understand the increasing need for engineering support in organization like yours due to business environments constantly becoming complex and dynamic. You might find it hard to go out of your business domain and look to build a team of engineers to help you fulfill your engineering requirements and achieve your business goals. This is also hard due to the costs that you have to incur on hiring qualified resources and taking your attention off your core business processes and strengths when you have to manage and oversee a completely new side to your business.

Inovedia can make this job easy for you. We see an opportunity where you see a challenge. We understand how vital the role of an engineering support can be for your organization and our qualified team that is backed by countless successful projects for companies around the world is always ready to help you achieve your business goals. Outsourcing your engineering support services to Inovedia will assure a seamless engineering support process that will foster an overall growth of your company.

Our qualified engineering team and our experience makes us the best choice to be your outsourced engineering support team and help you achieve flexibility, reduced costs and better processes.

How it works

Our engineering crew is a powerful and efficient unit that adds worth to your project by combining their talents, expertise, and collaborative approach to achieving a common objective. What distinguishes us is a customer-oriented, process-driven strategy focused on objectives and our worldwide cross-functional knowledge. The staff is full of top-tier individuals who are experts in their specialties and will help you throughout the process making sure all your needs are being met.

Engineering Support

Services Includes

Telco Engineering Support

Our qualified team of engineers and trained support team will provide 24/7 support to you in services including engineering, design, installation, testing, repair and monitoring of fiber optic, wireless and copper networks.

MVNO Engineering Support

Our team of qualified MVNO Engineers will ensure the best possible network solutions for you and your customers by helping integrate and validate MVNO solutions within 3G / 4G networks and LTE services.

MVNO Backoffice Support

From determining your requirements for customer payment and billing, to payment processing and charging, we make sure to provide you all the support you need to run a fast, efficient and reliable system.

ISP / ITSP Engineering Support

With our ISP/ITSP engineering support services, you can be assured of round the clock monitoring of your servers by our state of the art monitoring systems and dedicated technicians to provide you the maximum up-time.

Network Operations Engineering Support

By outsourcing your network operations engineering support to us, you get a team of qualified engineers and technicians always working to make sure that your networks are always up and running.

What you get?

Experienced team of app developers

24/7 support

Latest tools and technologies

Quality assurance

Guaranteed confidentiality of information

let's work together

Our Specialist Development Consultants are always available to help you define your project, provide structured feedback and suggestions as well as answer any questions, absolutely free of cost.

100+ satisfied customers
4 global locations
200+ happy employees

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