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A CMS for a company’s webpage is essential since it allows for easy content administration and delivery. This implies you won’t need any additional solution to track your website’s material. CMS is the ideal solution for organizations since it allows them to post and update material without needing to understand HTML. As a professional outsourcing company, Inovedia offers website operators Web-based CMS with intuitive and simple layouts along with robust capabilities to keep their online business alive. We have years of expertise designing customized CMS tailored to your requirements and Open-source based CMS with a variety of innovation and functionality alternatives.

How it works

Creative Dots develops bespoke CMS to make it simple to modify and maintain material on your webpage. Our content management systems (CMSs) use cutting-edge solutions and allow you to handle material without any professional knowledge. Creative Dots  gives you entire authority of your website, allowing you to edit, update, and remove stuff as well as thee of the website.

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Drupal Development Services

Drupal is a PHP/MySQL based open source content management system (CMS) widely used for its modular features that are helpful in uploading customized content on dynamic websites with minimum effort. It is one of the favorites of many web developers, programmers because of its modular structure where basic functionalities are available in the core layer and add-on modules and features can be plugged-in on as-needed basis. Different platforms and environments such as Windows, Mac and Linux support Drupal; this gives Drupal based websites an additional flexibility and stability.

WordPress Development

Are you looking for a website that can be leveraged for aggressive content marketing, has a simplified social media integration, and is cost-effective? Then, a WordPress-based website is a right choice for you! WordPress websites are highly secure, search engine friendly, responsive, and allow you to update the site content from anywhere.

DotNetNuke Development

DotNetNuke (known as DNN) is a web content management system (WCM or CMS), which is a cutting-edge technology that enables programmers to build an application and rich website in Microsoft .NET. It is a product built in VB.NET which allows users to build their websites/applications with no or minimal technical knowledge.

Magento Development Services

Magento may be a favorable pick for developing a feature-rich e-commerce site but its platform has a few rough spots that still vexes developers. The hardware-intensive process, poor scalability, basic sales report, slow speed, and improper documentation are among many problems limiting its use without customization. As a Magento web development experts, we are here to provide efficient solutions and great online experience to our clients.

Typo3 Development

Inovedia has a team of professional Typo3 CMS Developers who have been executing successful projects for many years now in their domain. Inovedia’s Typo3 Development team takes Typo3 development designs and develops applications that best suit our clients’ budget. TYPO3 is an extensible enterprise content management system built using PHP and MySQL. It has emerged as an alternative to other branded CMS products and is much more scalable than branded products.

Expression Engine Development

ExpressionEngine is a content publishing system that is written in PHP and MySQL. It is much simpler than other content management systems and offers a variety of features.ExpressionEngine is aimed to be less complicated to use as compared to other content management systems. For example, it needs no knowledge of PHP and has wide online documentation.

TYPOlight Development

TYPOlight can be effectively defined or understood as a content management system designed for a wide variety of websites. This program mainly focuses on back-office accessibility for developers and front-office accessibility for users. TYPOlight development is found to be ideally suited for supporting the varying degree of websites whilst making it a great solution for the web developers to implement various design changes and editing procedures.

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