Photo Clipping Services

Photo Clipping Services

Businesses dealing in real estate, e-commerce, photography, travel, and so on have a high need for web and offline marketing material. This creates a huge demand for clean, attractive and free of clutter images. The ultimate vision of a visualizer/marketer is to get a picture without the backdrop combined with hi-res editing for color corrections. 

With extensive experience in image editing and having many specialized editors, Inovedia is one of the best choices for photo clipping services. With a 12 hour to the 24-hour turnaround of half a million images a month, we know the exact requirements of this art form.

Inovedia’s photo editing team’s expertise in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Photoshop CC enable high-quality images to be produced. This expertise gained through the exposure to multiple international customers includes many processes and speed improvements in order to obtain the best quality at the lowest possible price. Besides e-commerce companies, wedding planners, fashion companies, real estate companies, photo studios, magazines, tourism companies, automobile companies, etc. also benefit from our image clipping services.

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