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Data Entry Services

Compiling data is an integral part of your everyday business needs and all the more important when that data is sensitive. Data entry volume can increase exponentially from time to time, for example during a busy sales period or for fast-growing companies. Therefore, without an efficient data entry system in place, it can be all too easy for delays and errors to affect customer service quality and ultimately your business goals. That’s why we offer professional data entry services and highly trained data entry professionals who are able to ensure your data is handled in an expert manner. Our outsourced professionals are committed to fulfilling the two most important requirements of the data entry process; efficiency and accuracy. Their depth of experience in managing large volumes of data across a wide breadth of industries and ability to deliver in a timely manner allows you to focus on your primary business processes whilst you relax in the knowledge that your data is being handled by experts.

How it works

With our data entry outsourcing, we take a unique approach to fulfilling your data entry needs by ensuring that you have a dedicated team of data entry professionals best suited to your specific data entry requirements. We work with you to select the best people for your data entry needs, whether those are professionals with relevant industry experience or transferable skills that will lend themselves to optimally completing your daily data entry tasks.

Data Entry

Services Includes

Data Cleansing

Being a full scale data entry service provider, we also provide fast and efficient outsourced data cleansing service uses streamlined processes to ensure the integrity of your data. Our teams work through even the largest of databases to fully accomplish such tasks as: removing duplicate entries, ensuring data types have the correct field type i.e. names that are in a text field and not a number field and vice versa and much more.

Data Mining

Generating new insights into existing data sets is a key business process for many companies. Being a data mining service provider, our staffs' expertise include uncovering useful leads such as unique demographic links to products and services, predicting consumer behaviour from use of social media, data mining for analysing competitors and much more.

Data Entry From Images

Our outsourced teams can process a vast array of images for data entry. Our dedicated teams are able to comprehensively analyse, decipher and enter data from images of varying quality that even sophisticated OCR software may have trouble correctly analysing for content.

OCR Services

Manually typing data or textual information from a non-editable source can be very difficult, time consuming and cause you to make a number of mistakes. With our optical character recognition services, we can electronically translate data by scanning it from a source into an automatic machine-editable text that you can edit and use according to your needs.

Data Conversion

Data is becoming increasingly important for companies today as it can help with research and making smart business decisions. This data however has to be converted, stored and managed according to the need of your business so you can use it without a hassle whenever you want to. With our data conversion services we can help you organize, digitize and convert your business documents to any and every format that you need in a very cost effective way.

Scanning Services

Paper documents are extremely hard to manage, store and are become obsolete with new and improved digital document storing tools. With our quick and cost-effective scanning services, we can help you convert all your paper data into digital documents that are much easier to store and use.

Data Processing Services

It can be very hard for a large and medium sized business to handle large or small volumes of important raw data as its conversion and processing can be very time consuming and expensive. With our data processing services we can effectively reduce the overhead costs and time required for processing of your business data and help you convert and process it with ease.

ePUB Services

ePub is a fast growing and modern solution for online conversion and publication of data. With our ePub services, we can quickly convert your data from any source (PDF, MS Word, XML, HTML, etc.) into a digital eBook/publication which can be easily viewed on any electronic device that has a compatible reading application. Since ePUB is a standard and open format, it can also offer your business with interoperability between your software and hardware.


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