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Data Science is slowly becoming a need for large companies as they start to realize that it provides a competitive edge that is difficult to match. Being an emerging industry, it is hard for companies to find qualified and experienced human talent because of the limited number of resources and huge salaries that they demand. This makes it almost impossible for companies to make use of data science in their processes as this investment is too much for their budgets.

How it works

With Inovedia’s outsourced data science solutions, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money and time to building internal capabilities and processes in-house, when you can easily outsource them to us. Our dedicated and qualified team of data scientists and resources will help fill the skill gaps and provide you with world class data science solutions backed with the latest tools and technologies to help enhance your daily business decisions and improve their success rate.

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As companies are increasing the use of technology and data science in organizational processes, the need for employees to understand the data is also increasing. Our team of qualified and trained data scientists is the perfect solution to help train your team to understand and use data science to its full potential.

Data Science Training

Inovedia offers professional data science training to corporate clients which enhances data science adoption for business entities of every size. Our team helps you with all sorts of training whether its data science solutions or technological training on big data and big analytics. Through our data science training, businesses are successful at implementing data science solutions to achieve augmented results.

Lead Scoring

Lead nurturing is an important aspect of businesses in today’s digital world, as it entices and nurtures future aspects and is directly linked to how effectively you build your brand awareness and generate revenue. Inovedia is skilled at leveraging digital channels for better lead management and therefore our lead scoring services are best out there, allowing you to attract fresh buyers, nurture them and close your deals for a faster and win-ready sales strategy.

Cognitive Process Automation

The benefits of intelligent automation are ever growing as Process Automation using AI can execute data-intensive and rule-based tasks executed by humans at a faster rate. It is the buzzword of modern times and companies haven’t yet realized the full potential of intelligent automation. Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are becoming mainstream choices for many organizations to digitalise intricate judgment activities involving unstructured data.

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