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Lead nurturing is an important aspect of businesses in today’s digital world, as it entices and nurtures future aspects and is directly linked to how effectively you build your brand awareness and generate revenue. Inovedia is skilled at leveraging digital channels for better lead management and therefore our lead scoring services are best out there, allowing you to attract fresh buyers, nurture them and close your deals for a faster and win-ready sales strategy.

At Inovedia, our sales lead prediction solution is built by a team of experts proficient in big data technologies, software engineering, and data sciences. Our AI-based lead scoring solutions understand that in order to turn potential leads into the “self-directed buyer” who has access to readily available information online new techniques need to be developed. The solutions we build are cloud hosted and multi-tenant in nature, therefore they are supported to multiple interfaces which can be easily connected and synced with your internal applications.  Our services can help you generate lead scorecards which are attuned to feedback provided by your sales team, therefore it is intelligently updated through algorithms which only gets better with time. 

How it works

We are a group of renowned data analysts and massive data programmers with extensive knowledge offering advanced analytics and machine understanding solutions. Our solutions boost productivity and efficiency by prioritising prospects, forecasting lead worth and predicting conversion rates, directing sales teams on prioritised leads, and assisting them in developing an effective engagement plan throughout the sales process.

What you get?

A qualified team of experts

Substantial reduction in costs

World-class tools and technologies

Developed infrastructure

Quality assurance

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