Cognitive Process Automation

Cognitive Process Automation Services

The benefits of intelligent automation are ever growing as Process Automation using AI can execute data-intensive and rule-based tasks executed by humans at a faster rate. It is the buzzword of modern times and companies haven’t yet realized the full potential of intelligent automation. Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are becoming mainstream choices for many organizations to digitalise intricate judgment activities involving unstructured data. From construction to insurance, it is widely applicable across a range of business segments in the vertical market.

Inovedia has extensive experience in providing customized automation solutions that leverage data science, analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics and automation techniques. Cognitive process automation can be the right choice if you are seeking out approaches to free knowledge workers from getting tied up with dull, repetitive responsibilities that require very little judgment. Our Robotic manner automation with intelligence answers are domain agnostic, as we have the functionality to automate strategies across numerous industries. It cognitively performs responsibilities just like humans, however with higher precision and zero chance of error. By integrating Inovedia’s cognitive techniques with software, the machine learning component comprehends the context unsupervised for each instance. 

How it works

Inovedias lead scoring solutions will assist you to cut down on waste and focus on the appropriate opportunities. Our solutions will aid you in ensuring better lead handling, generating more prospects, and closing more business. We offer a smart technology service that analyses your firm's technical understanding and restrictions and generates a result depending on the specific range you specify. Our solutions increase sales effectiveness by prioritizing prospects, forecasting the worth of leads scored and predicting conversion percentages, maximizing sales staff productivity on prioritized leads, and assisting you in developing an effective engagement plan throughout the sales process.

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