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Android has always been providing customizing options to its users, therefore one can create visually appealing yet highly functional apps when it comes to Android app development. Inovedia’s team of app developers understands that Google Play Store may have similar looking apps which may drive consumers away from your product. Therefore, the team ensures that the Android app they build not only stands the test of time but is also functional, reliable and it could be customized to your needs. 

We specialize in infusing the Android platform’s DNA within your app, while making sure that it stands out from the crowd.  This results in an app that works across mobile and tablet devices, and across different Android versions, with the same performance, power, and UX.

Android app development is a tough task, which involves building layouts, ensuring the code works with the Android framework, and maintaining control flow among many other steps that ensure high quality user experience. 

Inovedia’s team of Android mobile application developers are proficient at JAVA and also at leveraging the Android SDK. We also use a flexible framework permitting us to use a mix of external technologies such as C++, 2D and 3D graphical APIs, GPS enabled services, game engines such as Havok, etc. to ensure your app lives up to your imagination. Our development team is also expert at using support software such as external and third-party libraries, database management systems, and debuggers.

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