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Inovedia offers end-to-end e-Learning content and application porting services to help you manage the transition of your existing e-Learning content or application to another e-Learning development platform with ease, without any loss of critical information and existing features.

The benefits of Application Porting include:

  1. Eliminate the Need for New e-Learning Content Development

Content porting intrinsically avoids the need for developing new e-Learning content from scratch. This is not just a time saver, but also the effort and resources that would be needed to develop a new e-Learning content or application are reduced.

  1. Faster e-Learning Implementation

Web migration of content and applications is the quickest way to start offering new e-Learning implementation services to the users, as existing learning content is already available. It only requires migration, and some essential modifications to make it ready-to-use for a new platform with additional features and capabilities.

Inovedia is one of the leading organizations when it comes to outsourcing application porting. Our team of experts takes care of the finer details, while porting your content or application to give you a ready-to-use solution in less time and half the cost.

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