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Being a healthcare provider, providing the best possible diagnosis and treatment to your patients should be your top priority. This, however, would require a huge investment if you decide to do it on your own, which may be more than your budgets.

Here is where Inovedia can help. With our wide range of Healthcare BPO Services, we offer customized solutions to healthcare providers like you to make sure you achieve the finest processes and services for your patients in a budget that you can easily afford. Our healthcare BPO services and healthcare support services will help you enrich resource allocation, boost your facility’s financial performance and increase the effectiveness of your employees.

How it works

Only with the hassle of healthcare administration removed, can you completely focus your efforts towards doing what you do best. The sole emphasis of our Healthcare BPO services is towards reducing your administrative costs and enhancing your patients’ experience.

Our Healthcare BPO

Services Includes

Medical Transcription

Our team of medical transcriptionists will manually covert voice-recorded reports and notes dictated by you or your physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format by carefully listening and typing them ensuring there are no mistakes.

Health Claims Adjudication

Our team will handle the entire process of the adjudication of a health claim after it is submitted to determine the financial responsibility for the payment to the provider including claims adjudicating entitlement, checking for duplicate claims and much more.

Medical Billing & Coding

Our team of coders efficiently translates all relevant information of a patient’s visit into internationally recognized numeric and alphanumeric codes, which can then be used to speed up and streamline your billing process.

Medical Claims Processing

We make sure to carefully follow all industry standards required for insurance claims to by using the latest software to record your patient’s information, prepare claims, and send them to the relevant insurance party.

Tele Radiology Services

Our team of experienced and qualified radiologists will provide expert interpretations and reporting of radiographic images to ensure reduced costs and time for you.

Healthcare Software

We can handle the development of any kind of healthcare systems in very affordable prices that you can use to automate and speed up your operational processes.

Medical Animation

Our expert animators can effectively visualize and provide 2D and 3D animations of any physiological, surgical or medical related process or topic to help doctors, patients and students easily understand them.

Medical Illustration

Our team of qualified and experienced illustrators can create visual material for the use in medical, biological or other related domains.

Benefits of Healthcare BPO

Lowered administrative costs

Increased profitability

Access to an affordable and experienced team

Enhanced patient experience

Let’s you focus on your patient care

let's work together

Our Specialist Development Consultants are always available to help you define your project, provide structured feedback and suggestions as well as answer any questions, absolutely free of cost.

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