Insurance BPO

Insurance BPO

The insurance sector is fiercely marketable, and worldwide insurance providers/carriers and insurance agencies are searching for ways to gain a competitive advantage and market their goods more successfully and productively in less time and money. Inovedia Solutions’ Insurance BPO solutions come in handy in this situation. At Inovedia, we provide comprehensive insurance business process outsourcing solutions that address all insurance offshoring needs, including Property and Casualty Insurance, Life Insurance, Claims, Policy Administration, and more.

How it works

Outsource Insurance Back Office Support to Inovedia for peace of mind that your audit trails will be filtered in accordance with international standards and in the safest atmosphere possible, ensuring full information privacy and security. Our extremely talented specialists have substantial business expertise and are able to satisfy the insurance industry's international standards. The integration of electronic document generation, processing, and communication is possible thanks to our technological expertise.

What we do

For insurance agencies

Our services can have a significant financial effect on insurance firms. We simplify the procedure rather than overpaying for various services or staff to complete all of the paperwork and information. Your business can handle its operations more efficiently with digital mailroom solutions, enterprise material administration, and data capture. As a result, client contentment rises, operations costs fall, and you have more time to focus on your business.

For insurance carriers

Outsourcing insurance solutions is the most effective approach for your insurance firm to cut hours, costs, and boost earnings. In the fast increasing and fiercely demanding insurance sector, insurance process outsourcing can provide your organisation a strategic advantage. Investing in insurance outsourcing services from Inovedia can provide your organisation with numerous advantages. Inovedia provides specialist insurance solutions to meet the needs of businesses, NGOs, financial advisors, and corporations. Our group of highly skilled individuals has the knowledge and ability to tackle the complexity of insurance policies.

For MGA’s

Being an MGA at an insurance firm is a demanding job, since you are involved in practically every part of the industry. Our insurance specialists at Inovedia includes MGAs with extensive underwriting knowledge who can assist you optimise your insurance back-office operations and produce a complete insurance policy form. They collaborate with your internal underwriters to guarantee that all policy issuing, insurance coverage, and client information standards are accurate. Our crew is highly skilled in the use of new/various processing tools needed to finish the issuing process, as well as the ability to execute textual and oral directions to finish the procedure.

Back office services

We appreciate diverse organizations and respond to their particular needs because we have worked in the insurance market for over a year. With an unrivalled blend of skills, expertise, and solutions, our group offers world level back-office management solutions. Our cost-effective back-office administration solutions enable clients to save energy / cost that would normally be spent on recruiting an in-house group of insurance experts.

why us

Improved customer satisfaction

Technology advantage

Data security

Scalable processes

Operating Efficiencies

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Our Specialist Development Consultants are always available to help you define your project, provide structured feedback and suggestions as well as answer any questions, absolutely free of cost.

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